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About the Rabbit Logo:
The Black Range Observatory is sited on a mesa above the Mimbres Valley. The Valley gets it's name from an extinct tribe of Native Americans who inhabited this valley, cultivated it, fished in its river, and created a distinctive cultural pattern. They were a subculture of the Mogollon Culture and lasted from about 1000 to 1300 AD. One of the truely distinctive features of the Mimbres Culture, particularly the later stages, was a whimisical pottery-decoration style. Large collections of their pots are on display in the Museum at the University of Western New Mexico in Silver City.
One recurring association of images on these marvelous pots is a rabbit and the moon. B.R.O.'s logo depicts a rabbit standing upon a cresent moon. Sometimes it appears that the solo rabbit is intended to invoke the image of the moon. The rabbit often has a high-arching belly and back, reminiscent of a crescent moon. The most common explanation of the rabbit-moon duality is that the Mimbres people saw the tonal patterns on the moon taking on the shape of a rabbit. Certainly, that's no more obtuse than our "man in the moon."
WNMU Museum