We are open to providing internet-based access/research time on our equipment. The requirements are that...

1. Applicants have a project that justifies, scientifically, the amount of time they request, in competition with other requests. We are the sole sources of such determinations.

2. The project does not require B.R.O. to purchase equipment nor make frequent visits to the remote observatory for equipment swaps.

3. The researcher has credentials suggesting that the observations can (and will) be reduced in a manner consistent with good scientific practices in a timely manner.

4. Any research projects can be terminated (by either party) without advanced notice or justification.

All data acquired at B.R.O. will be the property of the applicant, although B.R.O. may retain copies. No data will be released to third parties without the authorization of the applicants for a period of two years, although we encourage release of data as soon as possible, consistent with B.R.O.'s open-access policy.

In Support of the Black Range Observatory's missions, the follow equipment has been installed.

Facility Infrastructure: B.R.O. is a fully robotic observatory, although equipment swapping requires manual intervention. We employ ACP for task scheduling, oversight, and data uploading.

Telescope: Hyperion 12.5" astrograph incorporating electronic focuser, instrument rotator, temperature monitoring and cooling fans. This instrument is mounted on an AP900.

Spectrometer: A new Spectra-L200 is on order. Gratings of 300, 600, and 1200 l/mm will provide research opportunities in radial-velocity studies as well as many other long-time experiments.

Camera: An SXVR-H18 with adaptive optics, off-axis guider (Lodestar) and 5-position 2" filter wheel (LRGBHa).

Weather: The observatory is in the dry climate of southern NM at 6700'. Still one must allow for thunderstorms and other foul weather. The facility automatically shuts down under adverse conditions. Additional, we are 100% solar energy.

B.R.O. Is dedicated to ...

1. The idea that amateur astronomers can contribute to an improved understanding of the phenomina of our Universe through well planned and diligently pursued observations. Furthermore, percision, expensive equipment should not sit idle if someone can utilize for the advancement of knowledge.

2. The notion that not everything has to be science. The satisfaction of making a personal-best image of a difficult target totally justifies telescope time...although less so than #1 above.
Last updated May 1, 2012
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